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Guldtackan's Silver History.

I have always being found of the grey color, no matter witch animals it is.

I started with the Afghans 1973, when I was still a child, to show them and to go to genetic courses, and studied everything that was possible, so I was going to know more as a breeder.

Then at the beginning of the -80th I saw a black standard Poodle, named Ch Play it again Sam. And it just said: WHAO for me. This was what I wanted to have! I didnt see any silvers at the shows, where so ever, it was just one breeder in Sweden of them at that time, one in Norway, and they had a long waiting list for the puppies.
In the meantime, I was looking for silvers, one of my puppy owner from my Afghans, needed to place her standard poodle into a home, since he become a problem in the family. So, where did he go? Exactly, I took him! He was huge, black, with hanging skin everywhere…and after some days he thought he owned me! We had him for 5 years.
Some years later I found my first show dog, a son of Play it again Sam!
He was breed by Susanne Månsson at Viking Line kennel. The friendship between us is still there, and it was Susanne who told me all about the American silver poodles!
The years goes on! I´ m breeding the black poodles, while Im looking for the silvers.

Then at 1987, I got all the way to start up my company. A Quarantine- station for small animals. Now I had the opportunity to bring silver into Sweden!
First came: Ch Valhallas Whistle the Wind! VERY white…. but he was suppose to become the beginning for my silvers!
While he was in the quarantine he breed one of the Dutch imports I had, and in this litter with 13 puppies, he got 6 BLUES!!!!!! I was so exited of this litter! The great CH Guldtackans Falcon (BLACK) was out of this litter, moved to Germany.
We kept Flabbergast (Blue)

Susanne found in Denmark a breeder how needed to replace her dogs, and she had silver lines into them. So this is how German Champion Söholt White Daphne and German Jung. Champion Söhölt Miss Elaine arrived to us. Both withes.
Elaine got breed to a silver male, from the Swedish old lines named Astarte Handsome Humphrey. Here was a female: Guldtackans Effulgent Silver, witch we kept. On her first puppy show she was BOB judge by Mrs. Furst-Danielsson.

Later on this year 1992, Susanne helped me to find the very much Champion of today!
Pinafore Spearmint (silver), she arrived as 9 months old puppy, and after the quarantine time, I found out that she was not a kennel dog, she went far to stressed by living into a area with dogs all over, so about a year later she was bought by Linda Isgren Larsson, with the rites that I was going to breed her once. This was the R-litter sired by Ch Signature Silver Tulip. Here was it Guldtackans Si Return to Sender, who stayed with us.

Shortly after Spearmint arrived, I found the little Bibelot Silver Reflection. She was a very soft and sweet female, who just had a few puppies. She was breed to the half Russian brothers  to produce more substance in the body of the puppies.

Next year, I told Susanne, that I would like to have something different to go with, together with all those beautiful lines I already had. So the hunt started again!
And dear Susanne, found a LOVELY lady in Finland, who had silvers, one female from Russia! And she was willing to lease her for me! This went very quickly! Very soon after it all started I had a PREGNANT female from Finland, mated to a finish great male! The owner of the female went with her to me, to the quarantine and introduced us; I thought I was in seventh heaven! The female, named Flori Silver was a great personality, and I just loved her from the first second!
She gave birth to 9 lovely puppies, who become to change a lot in our lives! I had 7 of them together for more than 1 year!!!! All of them, the same strong personality as there mother…but now 11 years later, we are MOSTLY laughing about the episodes!
The most successful one - I think, since most of them moved to live all over the world, and I dont have all rapports from all of them - out of this litter is Ch Guldtackans Silver Id. And hes brother, Ch Guldtackans Silver Illusion is the best stud male I ever had got! They have a STRONG mentality, who will survive the world!

In the summer -93 the lovely Ch Signature Silver Tulip arrived. He was already multi, multi Champion, I just needed to finish hes German title, witch I did very easy!
I couldnt unfortunately continue to show him in Scandinavia, since I broke my ankle in two pieces and was unable to walk for a year, and he was so in love with me, that it didnt work out with other handlers.
The most successful offspring after him is the white Ch. Guldtackans QAngel. And a sister of him went far in hes Agility sport!

An other male who become interesting for the silver/blue breedings of Guldtackans was, the precious and black, Dassin Defender. This was the first import we got. We suddenly received blue jungsters in a litter sired by him, breed to a black Dutch import, (related to the one who gave blue babies with Whistle) and it was nice, but quite a work to get them registered from blacks to blue, SPECIALLY in Sweden, where the self called gene-experts  believe that blue is NOT a color…What about the Weimaraners!? And ALL other breeds who have blue genes in the breeds?
He also got blue puppies with Söholt White Miss Elaine, at our J-litter, most of those puppies where extremely good at obedience.

Ch Signature silver Tulip breed Princess Dabra from the flat hills, since she was the one who had the first litter sired by Whistle with 6 blues into. And we received all 9 puppies with a super blue color! This is the litter our Guldtackans Kvicksilver, was out of. We kept her corded, but she never got long enough cords to be able to show, they grown out to about 18 cm, between the litters and concerning the standard, the corded poodles, are suppose to have minimum 20 centimeter of length.

So, here is the ground of the SILVER BREEDING from GULDTACKANS KENNEL.

Later on we have breed the two lines, Pinafore Spearmint with the Guldtackans Effulgent Silver, and Guldtackans Silver Illusion. With a great result! They have been good at shows, agility, tracking and obedience. With MOSTLY good hip results!
The one we keep out of this combination was Guldtackans Xylocain Silver. BUT he was STOLEND from us, thru the  nice friend of a friend  who was going to look after him, while we moved from Sweden to Holland! So much for that trust! And THIS was not the worst; actually, the more horrible was that the thief let him lose next to the highway, so a car drove over him!

The O-litter was sired by one of the Russian boys and Bibelot Silver Reflection.

And the P-litter was Guldtackans Effulgent Silvers first litter, together with one of the Russian-boys. We didnt have time for keeping any puppies out of those litters.

Ch Signature Silver Tulip sires Q-litter and the dam is Söholt Miss White Elaine. Here we where lucky and got one of the males to a person who become to be VERY important to us, and the Guldtackans breeding for the future! Its CH Guldtackans QAngel. He has been showed, all over and is a great movie star for commercial occasions, he and Jasna Gale has done a lot of PR situations for Guldtackans in most of the east Europe.

Then it was time for us to go on to next generation. This was Guldtackans Kvicksilver. She was breed to Guldtackans Silver Illusion. We received 6 silver girls, and kept Guldtackans Your Silver Coin. A lovely little female, with a LOT of personality in to her! She could jump OVER 2 meter of a fens if she saw some one she liked and wanted to go to! She always did exactly what she wanted to do….

Guldtackans Silver Impostor and Guldtackans Crème Jackpot were the parents for the A-litter. Here are mostly, working, searching, trucking and attack dogs into this litter.

The litter named B-litter, was sired by Ch Signature Silver Tulip, and dam Guldtackans Violet Idol, a sister to Id. One of them has been going nicely for tracking!

Then its Guldtackans Kvicksilvers turn to get the C-litter with Ch Guldtackans Silver Id. Most of those become family dogs, but are doing fine and the once who are x rayed are also free.

Ch Signature Silver Landslide and Guldtackans Flabbergast sire the D-litter. This was the only litter Flabbergast had she got a fraction in the belly, after the litter, and we needed to sterilise her to save her. But we kept the female Guldtackans Silver Dragon.

Next Silver litter is the F-litter. Sired by Ch Signature Silver Landslide and Bibelots Silver Reflection, it was 3 puppies, all blue. They are living as great pet dogs.

Ch Guldtackans Silver Illusion and Söholt Miss Elaine got the J-litter. Here we got silver, blue and whites.

Next litter in silver is the N-litter. The sire here is, Ch Guldtackans Illusion and dam is Guldtackans Effulgent Silver, here was silver, blue and whites.She gave birth to totaly 16 puppies, in this litter! I didnt belive my eyas, and I do think this is a record!? We kept the Guldtackans Silver Necromancer, who became an excellent hunting dog. And still is.

So to the O-litter. Sire was Guldtackans Silver Impostor and dam, Bibelots Silver Reflection.

The P-litter was sired by Guldtackans Silver Impostor and dam, Guldtackans Effulgent Silver

Then the X-litter. Sired by Guldtackans Silver Necromancer and Guldtackans Si Return to Sender. Here we got whites and silvers, and some of them are used in breeding at different corners. It was from this litter my dog was stolen. But this is very interesting litter, with a lot to continue on!

The Z-litter was sired by Ch. Guldtackans Silver Id and Guldtackans Yours Silver Coin.

Guldtackans Silver Necromancer
also sired Guldtackans Violet Idol. Fore the A-litter

Then we are at the D-litter. Sired by Ch Guldtackans QAngel and Guldtackans Silver Dragon. Here we kept the Guldtackans Dobbelzinnig Silver, shes one of the loveliest females I ever had! This is the last litter who become registrated in Sweden. And into this litter, we also recived Harlequins and Tricolor.(silver as a ground color with white and red spotts, alover the body)

Guldtackans Effulgent Silver also got one litter in Holland, during 1995, at the kennel Tulip Garden.
I gave Effulgent Silver to the breeder of her father, since she wanted her so badly, and Effulgent silver was used finished in the breeding, so I thought, way not. But it turned out, to my knowledge for a while ago, that this woman SOLD this veteran breeding female to someone who started up her silver breeding on Guldtackan's Effulgent Silver and did let her produce
some more litters at that place! So i dont dare to think about how many puppies it is after her...

After those litters we have had, my hart is crossed for the BLUES! There is
NOTHING more beautiful, than a BLUE STANDARD POODLE!
The expression, the colour in the coat, its an even colour how develop during the seasons and the age of the dog. So amazing!
Here I HAVE to say: THE BLUE WE HAVE HAD, HAVE ALL BEEN HEALTY.         If something has caused them, it has NOT been be course they have been blues! They are NOT SICKER, just be course they are blue, witch I know some peoples do think!

At this time, we have the litter, reg. H-litter.
There mum is from the D-litter, the first litter in Holland. And the father of those is the half Russian  Id. Its the 4th generation from my own silvers!
They are just great, a love them all. Especially in there temperaments! Witch still is the most important for us! The dog NEEDS to go in to the situations of the family/ breeder, if not, it doesnt work! And the dog cant be happy and be your best friend!

We have plans to follow up the X-litter, to bring the Whistle genes together with the rest of our imports. Then the beginning planes are succeeded!
I know, that I cant get it all! Not in ONE dog. Thats way its so interesting to breed And thats way I bought those dogs, to made my own lines, from the best I thought of the silver genes. After the perfect temperament, goes for me, the show quality! Then if I get dogs how are interested in tracking, guarding obedience or what so ever, I try to find the suitable owner for them. I have been lucky, to not been FORSED to live the puppies, because they are 8 weeks old, I have always been able to keep them, to the most suitable human shows up, and thats important for me!

I will here by, wish the once who are going on with the breeding of GULDTACKANS good luck, and stay strong!

It will be some photos presented of the silvers from the litters above. We have taken the best quality of the pictures, so if someone can feel that they are forgotten, sorry but its be couse we dont have a good photo enough of your dog…

Finally I need to say: I dont agree that the dogs out of the different colours are different!
I have hears this during ALL the years!
What I have seen is, that the different colors use to stick together . Like if its sun, they are outside in a run, the browns are laying together, or in top of each other.
While the whites are laying tougher somewhere else. And so on. And the blacks use to be in the middle of the sun!
But the temperaments are not decided after their colors. THEN you have a lot of silvers how DOES the SAME! Yes, of course, they do it be course its in there blood genes! If you breed this silver personality to the whites, you get the silver mentality  in your white lines…

And my last words will go to Susanne Månsson.
Thank you, for being my friend for so many years! For all the good times, and as a co. breeder and the heavy times, specially when you helped me in the quarantine, while is was a epidemic period, and the animals needed to be taken care of 24 hours a day!
The song on our link page is especially for YOU!

Thank you for your time!

Ingrid Marien