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Here are some pictures of Roberts first show for competition, in East Germany, in Cottbus. It was 2004 10 10 he received the FIRST PLACEMENT for Mrs. Ahlbach, with 15 points!
Handling dog was a white dwarf, Divine Armani-Louis

Robert and Rocking Y's Guldtackan's Mocka
In Junior Handling CACIB Croatia Show
Robert Showed Guldtackan's Money Pot 2 times, and received 2 CAC's BOB and both time placed in BIS!
The judges we say Thank you to is:                    Mr. Schmiegelt and Mr. Csik!
Here is Roberts own Darling, in Junior Handling. 2nd BIS under the judge Anna Öhman
This is Robert handling one of our Harlekins, always very professional!
Judge was Mr. Schmiegel
Here is Robert in Dortmund Siegershow 2006
He ended up as the 2nd BIS junior Handler! With 10 points
What a dream...happy as always and  gentle to the dog, we got borrowed from Caroline Lubbers.
Here Robert get a very important lesson in handling a poodle from Mr Eggerking, him self!
In the spear time, from showing Robert enjoy the time with the dogs in the family!
Time for a hug with Hulken
He is as fond of the small Chinese as well
The title Champion, Robert deserve best for himself!
One of the hobbies is to swim an other is Boxing!
Judge at Dortmund was Elsbeth Clerk
Robert is here showing our very pritty Chinese Crested Dog POAROTT Mayden Gabritho, judge is Elke Pepper
Here is Robert in Wendelstein, Showing the dog we got to borrow, Attacs a 12 year old black Standard Poodle who belongs to a very nice woman named Claudia Herdegen. BIS Junior Handler!
Latest Show was the 6th of June 2009. What could be better than to get a BIS Junior Handler result at this very special day, The National day of Sweden? Judge was Alexandra Lindskog.
The pup that was showed this time, is one of the Harlekin babies out of the latest litter, "Herr Morris"
Robert, 4 years old, with hes first dogs..
Here is Robert together with Casy, we bought for sandi in USA.