From 1973 till 2003
Guldtackan's Rubhin
For me nothing more beautiful exist, than an real Afghan breed from the original lines from the mountains. This dog can move, this dog has the power this dog is just stunning!
Rubhin at 12 years old
Some Guldtackor at the early 80th...
This was my first beloved Afghan!
The black Afghan is Jildirim Jeth Mountebank, The creme is Tash Kurgan Shafik and the brindle is Azadi Candyda.
The year is 1975
Ch. Bishtar. Born 1979
The first Champion we got. This litter was co breed with Kerstin Danielsson-Asplund
An other good looking Guldtacka!
A lovely expression from a youth female named Guldtackans Smaragd
This Blue domino colored male, came to us from France. Freedom Top Billing, was hes name.
He went to the Swedish Quarantine station in Sala. Was very bad treated during this time, and by this reason I decided to ask for the permission to start up the Quarantine station of my own, see more about this at its own page.
This dog, changed my hole life...