As I have said, it started with a real love to this breed and the Afghans will always by number one for me. For me, the animals are more important than humans, and the dogs are special into the animals, but the Afghans are beyonds the dogs!
Afghans are self depending, clever and so full with instincts. If you have been blessed to be loved by an Afghan, then you understand me. If not, then you will never understand the beauty of the amazing dog...the strong soul,witch is so rich and special! Nothing to compare...
All colors are allowed on this breed
Ranoir, on the 2 pic here, he was Blue Domino with Phantoms glasses. VERY rear!!
This is Vakaba el Kharaman, he was Blue
The first litter I had, was registries at the kennelname of Azadi. The year was 1976. This learned me, to not be a co breeder unless you know the other part really good!
From my 3rd litter, the female Beyaban came to be important for us. She was behind some lovely generations of ours Afghans
This pic is taken at the Show Sofiero -81, it was the first time SKK had the competition "Best couple" and ofcourse my Guldtackan's Opaal and Khattöga went Best In Show!
Guldtackan's Atlantica a blue female
Guldtackan's Valör in the BIS ring...
Jazco el Kharaman with my Darling friend Allan Thorndahl as the Handler
Jerevan El Kharaman
Guldtackan's Panther
Guldtackan's Damask
A gang of real nice and red original Mountains Afghans...
Photo: J Adlercruezt