The color BRINDLE is completely new in Europe! (year 2005)
We are so happy to be the first breeder to show this color on the Standard Poodle for you. The Brindle color is always with black stripes, then the dog can have apricot, red or cream into the skin. Or grey silver and blue together with the black stripes.
The Brindle gene is very dominant in the genes!
Its a quite boring color, be course it will take some years to developed and during this time, the poodle looks "black".
But as new born its a clear difference between the Brindle and the rest of the colors. They are reddish they are like they glow far away! This reddish glow will stay and go in some case, it also like the Blue poodle depends on the sun vitamins the coat gets during the year.
At about 3 years of age the real Brindle has come through and by then you see the coloring best by keeping the poodle short in the coat.
This is the lovely Carderay, she is silver brindle, its shows better on a short coat....
Her stripes in the head are not as clear as they use to be, but her body is very well brindled.
This is the same pup, at 5 weeks of age before shaving and then after the first grooming.
Her name is Guldtackan's Oh La La
Her color is Red Brindle
Oh La La together with a sister
This is 2 other sisters, one of them is Black and tan, the other is Red, Apricot Brindle
This little boy shows clear that he has a good brindle, but he is very dark in the brindle, so you need to be use to see this color to find out!
He is Red Brindle. Will be just marvellous as an adult poodle!!
For those of you that are looking for something real special, this IS the color!
If you are interesting to get to know more about this color, please drop me an e mail:
Carderay and her lovely litter! Guldtackan's M litter from 2005
This is Madicken just before she is going to her forever loving home in Austria, she has clear silver brindle pattern.
The best sign for a Brindle is the stripes in the head, they are always showing quite good and clear!
And this is the Top Model of the Brindles!
The sweet, little and cleaver hunter Lotta!
Lotta is for SALE!!
More information , pictures and filmes about this sweetheart are you able to get if you are getting in contact with us!