Guldtackan's Manchoman
exported to kennel sanvar's Canada
Guldtackan's Canon & Guldtackan's Nancy Boy
Slovenian, Croatian,Middle East European champion,National Working Competition Champion and International Champion Guldtackans Ullrik
Ullrik is free for stud for suitable females, please contact his owner, Jasna Gale, for further information about health shows and working rapport.
Since this is the color we started up the breed with, we do have most of them in black. And as usually, we are proud of them all, as you can understand!
No victories comes out of the sky, even if the lines carry the beauty,intelligent and health gene!
It is a very hard work behind the dogs we are presenting here, and we take the hats off for the owners!  
First out for presentation is:
Page 1 CH Guldtackan's Ullrik
Page 2
CH.Guldtackan's ICE Crveni Mayestoso
Page 3
Ch.Guldtackan's Cyber Date &
Ch Guldtackan's.Com
Guldtackan's Läckerbit sister to BIS Winner Lustigkurre
We showed her at some occasions and she received CAC
Page 4
Guldtackan's Falcon
Page 5
Guldtackan's Lots of Love
Page 6
Guldtackan's Money Pot
Dassin Defender
Page 7
Vikingline Selected Yenkee
Page 8
This is Guldtackan's Gangster.
Educated as protecting dog
Guldtackan's Pelle
Guldtackan's Love for Sale
The LOVELY Ch. Darling
Page 9
VDH Vet. Ch Guldtackans Stallion.
Pic at 8,5 year old
Signature Twist Dancer
Page 10
Guldtackan's Jack Daniels Whiskey
Guldtackan's Unique
Multi Ch & Military dog
Online Bacil
To the left is Guldtackan's Incest Dotter!!