We are lucky to have gotten quite a lot of our Guldtackan's breeding into homes who has put both time and force to educate them!
One of the most famous from our breeding is Multi Champion Guldtackan's Ullrik.
Here comes the story from he's owner.

There are a lot of them, who are beauty, there are a lot of them who are cleaver, but only few of them are both - beauty and clever. For example, poodles.

And who am I to judge that amazing dogs, who have taken piece of heart years ago?

My name is Jasna Gale and I am from Slovenia, hidden pearl of Europe. I have been involved in dogs world since year 1978, when I got my first dog. At that time I had 12 years and with (or without) support of parent I showed and train that dogs by myself. As you can see I am now an old lady, who has fallen in love with dogs in past century. During that period of time I have had rare opportunity to work with different breeds. I am still showing dogs and I still train them for different purposes. Including poodles!

If you think that poodles are good as service or blind dogs, you are right. But have you ever think about training poodles in tracking or bite work? Would you like to try? How to select a dog, which is suitable for different training, which approach, is the best? Here you can find some answers about.

In general, poodles are just amazing working dogs. His abilities for work you can compare with abilities of German or Belgian shepherds. But because poodles are something special they need special approach in training. First and the most important is relationship you have with your poodle! He will demand your full attention and it is necessary that he be motivated by you. Your support, your joy and your happiness need to be the greatest reward for your dog. And before you would like to start working training with your poodle start to think about him as he is a DOG. Dog with big letters. So - first of all - it is necessary that your dog knows the rules, limits and shows respect to you. Rules are not here to be changed, borders not to move! And respect is not a word in dictionary. When you are not sure if you are doing correct, ask yourself if you would accept behavior of the dog, which is under question mark, if that wont be poodle but rottweiler, Doberman or snautzer. You also need to be aware, that you start build desired behavior of your poodle at the time of arrival into your home. And dont forget - the socialization phase is the most important start in your life with poodle!

Lets take a look about official IPO discipline, which are:
-        obedience
-        tracking
-        bite work (defence and attacks)

Obedience and tracking are discipline which you can do with your poodle, no matter of sizes, for bite work I would recommend only standard poodles.

IPO obedience are exercises, which include (generally):
-        leading the dog with and without leach
-        leaving the dog in chosen positions, like sit, stay or lay down
-        sending the dog away in straight line
-        bringing the object
-        high jump of 100 cm and jump over 180 cm high palisade (not suitable for small dogs)

As we all know that characteristic of poodle behavior is to please the owner it is not difficult to teach your poodles above mentioned exercises. There is something you should have in your mind - poodle needs to do exercises because he WANTS to not because he is FORCED to do it. With punishment and violence you can teach poodle to do the exercises but it will never work out into perfection.

Tracking and searching is discipline in which poodles are normally very successful. Looking for human track trough the grass fields or even into the woods is something that poodles are really good into. But the most fun they have by  searching  for a specific object  and bringing it back to the handler. Poodles like to play with ball or other soft object so it is not so difficult to teach them how to find his favorite object in the buildings or out in the fields. If you connect rewards - your happiness and food - you will get an excellent searching dog.

You might laugh about idea to work with your poodle a bite work. That idea maybe is something very strange for average poodle owner, but believe me - poodles could be great in bite work as well. The most important is the character of the dog and the approach to the dog from the very beginning.  If you start playing with your poodle from age of 8 weeks with soft material like textile you will develop his drives for catching, hold and defense. If your dog is strong in drives, which shows in catching or hunting things and he is dominant enough to fight for the things, he catches, and defend it, than you have right dog for bite work. In attacks poodles are fast, quick in their reactions and very serious in bites.

Poodles are dogs, which can fulfill your demands on different areas like shows and work. Combination of beauty and cleverness - that is hidden in your poodle. Just take a look at him, think about him as an excellent representative of nature drives and pleasure of being your escort. Would you like to give me an example to prove I am right?

The answer is an amazing black standard male, Guldtackans Ullrik. He is nothing more than great success. That dog became the most known poodle in Slovenia and surrounding countries.   He won his first CACIB and BOB in the age of 15 months and won his first working competition in age of 3 years with 99 points out of 100! That results he reached in the competition over normal  working breeds - rottwailers, German shepherds, malinoars. And that is not easy. Every time we have entered the  competition I always needed to be aware, there will be a lot of good dogs from the breeds, which has their working carrier in their genes! Many of full-experienced dog leaders and trainers could just not believe, that I was able to make a poodle extremely good in work. Following his carrier you can see that he is multi champion in beauty and was 3rd placed in National competition of working dogs of Slovenia in the year 2001. He was also excellent in tracking and searching, I could put the object wherever - in high grass, over the laundry or even on high places, Ullrik was always able to find it. And mark the object with barking. Ullrik has now a great fun with agility, but he is still very good in IPO discipline, which he has been trained few years ago. At that very moment in my dogs training center I have two standard poodles that are in the program for obedience and doing just great. One of them is Tyson (Kit Sues My Ty Affair)- you for sure will recognize him - and another is Ice,( Guldtackans Ice Crveni Mayestoso  Son of Ullrik.) We all have to admit that Guldtackans kennel is one step in front of time!

Well, my dear friends, behind the above mentioned results of my precious Ullrik there is a lot of hard work. Of course you can not see that out of this text, but imagine to train a standard poodle in excellent show coat as a working dog. Every day, no matter is it raining or snowing. Ullriks results are based on strictly daily training and I need to have a lot of patience with him. He was strong, very dominant dog, who is still trying to over taken the leadership in the family. But not just in the relation with the dogs. I need to show him frequently that I am the boss and he needs to listen. But that is it - outstanding working dog has always his special demands!  

If I have succeeded to make you interested in work with your poodle - try it. You will see that dog will enjoy and you will feel very proud about the results. But before you start, please, have in your mind - obedience and tracking you can stop doing whenever, but train your poodle in bite work - that is the way of life with your dog , that is adventure which will never end. Poodles always take their training very seriously.

By training your poodle as a working dog you will get an excellent escort, highly disciplined member of family, who will never let you down. If you will try, dont give up if in some periods there wont be no progress. That is how the life is - ups and downs are more than normal. Give time to your dog, he will never disappoint you. But that is always up to you! When the dog is born, his future life is blank sheet of paper - write your own story. And let us know about.

With love for the dogs, Jasna Gale.
Next Beauti and Clever we wants to present is Caroline Lubbers with Ch Guldtackan's Cyber Date here together with her Dobberman aswell
Jung. Ch Söholt White Miss Elaine
Service and Blind educated
One Guldtacka in play mood in between the education
This is VIKINGLINE Selected Yenkie, educated  as a hunting dog.
The foundation to the ever first registered HARLEKIN standard Poodles in Sweden!!
This is 2 other Guldtackor with TRACKING educations
This male out of the Q litter, was doing very well at the obedience, agility and water apporting!
If you have the interest, and succeed to get the correct contact with your poodle, you are able to train him to what ever you want! They are very easy to learn and they do want to work and love to be the best friend of us!
Beside the dog shows, I prefer to do doggy dance with my poodles and they love to dance with us!