This is a little sweet, happy and powerful dog. It is not to mix up with the rest of Bolonka's with different spellings!
This is an old Russian breed.
The Russians was never fond of small dogs, they thought the dogs should be useful and small dogs can not be that. So after the war, the Russians kept some of the dogs Napoleons troops had with them, and here it was: Bichon  Frise´, Maltese, Poodles, Pekingese,Powder puffs, Lhasa Apso, Shih-tzu, Bolognese, Coton de Tule´ar, Bichon Havanais, Yorkshire terrier and probaly many more breeds. The Russian breed them all together  and got the PURE white small dogs, as the named Bolonka Franzuska then the rest that had COLORS they named Bolonka Zwetnas.
It has to be a small dog. Many of them are similar poodles, others looks more like Pekingese . But they all have in common: They are social, happy, cleaver, healthy. A lot of brain and a VERY easy and lovely dog to keep and love!
The Bolonka Zwetna's came to Germany at the beginning of the 80th. And since then the breed had been more and more popular as they are easy to keep together or alone in flats and do not take a lot of space, they are easy to keep, learn quickly and want to stay where ever the owner is.
Bolonka babies resting
This is a breed that is yet not recognized by the FCI.
But the special clubs do the registration of them, and the pedigrees are signed with 5 generations.
All colors are allowed!
For more info about this breed, please contact us:
2005 was the first time we got in contact with this breed! And fall in love with them from the first second! They are funny, they are cleaver and they are like the big dogs, self depending in one way and just as a shadow of the owner in the other! My sons where totally lost by them! So they decided to start up with this breed.
For those of you that are interesting to learn more about this nice breed, please get in contact with us, and my son will be happy to tell you more about them!
This is a very cleaver little dog, with a good self confidence. They are not shedding the coat and they are very good for allergic peoples to care for. But since it is a lot of different breeds into the Bolonkas, they can have a lot of different coat quality, normally they have undercoat. They need to be cut at the eyes to stay clean, in the face. But they shall keep the coat and not be shaved as the poodles. It is nothing to clip at the coat, just to bath and brush every week or every 10th day, to keep them in conditions.  
If you are good in German, there is a nice informative booklet to order from one of the Special breed club
you can contact them here:
or visit there HP at:
New born Bolonka babies
Puppies in the age of 4-6 weeks
If you have meet ONE Bolonka, you can not get enough!
They are simply the BEST!
Here you will find the Standard for this breed, of course in German, since we have the Bolonka Zwetnas as a  German Breed!