On this link we are going to show you the sweet Veterans of Guldtackan's!
The pic here are from the Black male  Sudden, as they call him. He is out of a Harlekin litter.
And at this time, we do have babies here who are 7 generations after Suddens littersibblings. This is so nice to be able to follow them like this!
Sudden is 16,5 years old at thise pic! And DEEP black! Healthy and still the same power as he always have had.
Thank you for sending us this pic!!
Here is Tippan as she was called. She become over 16 years aswell. Healthy to the end.
Thanks Vivecka and the rest of the Family for taking care of your Guldtackan's Poodles as good as this!
We are asking MORE to send photos of the old Guldtackan's Poodles you have spend your life together with, we would LOVE to see them!
This is the Double Champion Guldtackan's Stallion. It was the FIRST time in hes hole life time he has been out of hes bunker he was living into, the poor dog, and become DOUBLE Champion at this Winnershow!! Not bad at all, 8 and a half year old...
And ofcourse, I have to get a pic of my old Darling MultiChampion Guldtackan's Silver Illusion, here 12 years old and BIS Winner.