At the top is the Tri colored Teddy. Amazing little Baby!
Mini we bought for Sandi.
To the rite we have a male from the J litter, just opend the eyes...
One of the youth males running an afternoon at the beach, spoiled poodles to have a beach for them  selves? No, just Guldtackan's....
The H litter as 4 weeks old
Guldtackan's Effulgent Silver at 6 weeks old
Int.Usa Ch. Guldtackan's Silver Hombre
Robert with some babies out of the J litter
One of the first parti colored Guldtackan's babies we got during the -80th, and was told by the Swedish breeders "this is not propper to bereed a poodle who is not solid in its color, this pup should be killed!"
This pup, is still healthy, and strong at 16 and a half year old!, and STILL very deep black at this age.
2 mixed litters
This is Guldtackan's Mancho Man. Exported to Sanvas Canada
Guldtackan's Love for Sale
Guldtackan's Silver Pecos
exported to Germany
One picture, say more than 1000 words!