Ch Guldtackan's Grizabella & Ch Guldtackan's Rom Tom Tugger
After I had the Afghans for some years I saw the beauty in this breed...the easy coat and the graceful movements and body.
They are Sight hounds, but they are not wild. Easy dogs to keep and love!
It started with a black female I had co owned with Dr Göran Bodegård. She never grow up to an show dog, but had an long and heathy life, he siblings where all Champions!
After Pathetique, as she was named, we got the most amazing dog of this breed. Steeple Chase.
Steeple Chase got one litter. They puppies out of this litter got Champions all of them, that was showed! We keep the Rom Tom Tugger at us.
Steeple Chase, just got home to us, as a baby
We lost her sadly, at the age of 5 years old, after her only litter got 8 weeks of age, in bloat. It was a horrible and choking loss for us!
Tom-Tom was another very special dog for us. We was happy to have him for 7 years, when he passed away in heath muscle inflammation.
Then it was some years without the Greyhounds in the family. I went to Holland to visit friends and was visiting Tim Tellers for an other reason, when I saw a Greyhound! I asked Mr Tellers if he wanted me to take the Greyhound and show her for him, and I was allowed to do so. After the Quarantine time, she got the Swedish Title at the first Show! What an Amazing Girl!!
DK Ch, S Ch and World Winner 3 years after each others!!
I have always been very impressed by the work of Kennel Gulds. So I recommend you to go and have a look at all the wonderful Greyhounds they present on the HP.
Some Guldtackor