The most people do not know that the first poodles were solid black or BLACK AND WHITE! They where also the basic color of the smaller poodles working as truffle dogs  
Parti poodles (black and white colored) in Europe called Harlequin, they are recognized by the AKC, and can be AKC registered. The AKC has even assigned them alternative color numbers. At the 11-13 June 2004 is the PREMIER SHOW
You can see more about this on the page of Pioneer Poodles

Here is the Standard for the PARTI COLOR Poodles.
Coloring should be nice and clear white background with dark patches of any color. While any type of markings is acceptable including solid colored head, the preferred pattern is dark patches over both eyes and on both ears.
Muzzle should be white with blaze up the forehead continuing into the topknot.
Spots or patches may be anywhere on the body but should be broken up and not solid enough to form a saddle on the back.
Markings - While a small amount of ticking (very tiny freckles in the white part of the coat)
Is acceptable excessive ticking is considered a fault. A full saddle on back is considered undesirable but is acceptable.
The standard for confirmation should be identical to the solid poodle.
Nose and eye rim should be good dark black with the exception of the brown and white parties which LIVER pigment is desired.
The standard for confirmation should be identical to the solid poodle.
To all of you who are interested in the parties and to all of you who doesnt KNOW anything about them, I recommend to take a deeper look at the following pages. Which are VERY interesting and gives a lot of information about the parties
The Harlequin at Guldtackans Kennel has been 7 so far. The first was borned 96.
All of them sired by Tulip gardens Black Turbo and different black females.
We have also received silver/tan and a kind of tricolour (silver bottom with white and tan big spots, all over the body. Solid silver head.) in the same litter, out of one of our blue females and white male.
I have to say, that we are VERY quires about what this can possible produce for the future!
But we will keep you informed here!
So enjoy the wonderful parti poodles at the sites I have recommended above and read about the FIRST color of the breed!
Thank you for your time!
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If you want to learn more about the FCI standard of this color, please visit the Harlekin page from Index.