Here we will Proudly present the K- litter of Guldtackan's Harlekins
Both parents to this litter is from America. The Dam belong to us since before the litter was born, she was breed in America before she left there and came to us pregnant. At the 6 th of December 2005 Dust delivered the amazing litter and has been the best mother ever for them.
We got one male, and 5 females. All just wonderfully black and white spotted Harlekins.

They are very sweet but strong in there character. Queries, outgoing and happy souls, witch just enjoy the life.

So enjoy the pictures here of them. The Big brother of them, is the loving "Tyson" we have and you can see more about him at his own page. More
Next Guldtackan's Harlekin/Parti  litter was born 22th of December 2008
We got 10 babies in this litter, 2 of them are Whites, 2 of them are excellent Harlekin colored! One is Tri colored with a amazing brown brindle  head and black and white spotted body. Then we have 3 Brindle and 2 Blacks. Remember, that all those pups carryings the Harlekin gene, as both parents are Harlekins. So hopefully they will do something nice for the future breeding in Europe!
To see more about Guldtackan's Kunta Kinte, please visit the HP
Guldtackan's Donner und Deubeld alias Herr Morris, have been showed once so far, in Junior Handling, with my very professional son Robert Gyllin.
At 5 months old he got BIS and LOVED the showing!!Thanks to the judge: Alexandra Lindskog!
A real JOY to see, a puppy that enjoy the attention like this in this age...
The sister to Herr Morris, has her own HP to look at, so please visit her!
This well bodied Black male has a lot of power and personality! He will keep the white spot in the front, like the Tuxedos do.
Here is the little Brindle boy, sweet as  sugar! Well angled body and a sweet and nice temper!
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We have received some Harlekins in different litters during the time, the first we got was Guldtackan's Harlekin Tennsoldat, but we have no pictures of him to show you
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This is Guldtackan's HA Donnerwetter