The interests for animals have always been a high priority! And the interest for animals have also been in my genes for many generations, I had an uncle who bred the first Pippi Långstrump horse, with the real black spots on he's white bottom color! Other uncles have got all kind of strange breeds into the sheep's and so on. So it was totally normal for me to continue with the interest. Not just dogs. I have had most of the pets, and still have a lot different animals. We have always had dogs, cats, horses and goats when I was living at home of my parents.

As a little child, we where living in Spain, we are in the beginning of the 60th, and one of those days I was going in a taxi, in front of us was a upend sports car, with a lady in long haired coate…. very strange since it was a hot day! Suddenly the opened sports car turned and I could see it was not a lady, next to the driver, it was an AFGHAN HOUND!  This was just love at the first second! That dog was something so extra! Now the nagging started! I wanted to have an afghan hound, but my parents didn't want me to! I was studding everything I could get my eyes over to learn about the breed and how to take care of them and in the meantime, nagging about that I wanted to have one…. just one of them!
The years past on, I did not get an afghan, but I received a poodle…hm, NOT the same! But this was the test I had to proof that I could take care of this miniature poodle, which by the way was HARLEQUIN! He was born 1966, and a sweet little dog, and he died 1981. During this time the poodle had to stand my experiences with grooming and cutting. And when I was 10 years old I started as a groomer at the local dog pension hotel, and just loved it!
Some years later, my father couldn't stand my nagging anymore…I saw an advertise in the daily newspaper about afghan puppies! And we went to the breeder of Tash Kurgan for getting my first beloved afghan! This was the 14th of august 1973; I was SOOOO happy for my puppy! He was crème and didn't' look like an afghan, everybody thought he was a golden retriever… The Afghans at that time was very unusually so no one new what I told them any way. Four days after we arrived home with this crème little puppy, my mother has her birthday, and the whole garden become full with guests. My puppy enjoyed him selves a lot! He started to undress the guests by hanging in their dresses and run around them! He played monster  he was digging up the garden, then went in to his monster game again, my lord, this was really something specially! Ja, no one understood how he was allowed to stay in the home!But the time pasted on and he turned out to be better and better. In some of situations. Then I decided together with the breeder that I was going to take him to some dog shows. Ja, this was very easy to say, but at the shows he suddenly started to play monster  again. He loved to frighten peoples, and it was like he smiled when he discovered that they went scared of him! He was a great personality, and this dog learned me a lot. He was so sweet at home and to other dogs but he had far to much hunting instincts into him selves so it was impossible to give him an social life, since he hunted trucks, bikes, ladies in specially cloths and like that, so when he was about four years old, I let him go to the heaven. And this dog has followed me all the time in my soul. But I also realized that the MOST important in a dog is the TEMPERAMENT! All puppies are so sweet, and if they turned out to monsters  it will just bring a lot of sorrow, for a lot of involved peoples.
Here I am as a little child with my first own poodle a HARLEKIN poodle!! But not the same as the Afghan pup I wished so bad to get...
1974 I was involved with the training and obedience, and educated myself too a trainer for this. It was fascinating to see how it was possible to devolve a dog!
1975 was the year I breed the first Afghan litter. To the breeder of Azadis kennel. One of the puppies went to the Philippines.
1976 I started with Greyhounds. I fall in love with the wonderful female Ch. Gulds Black and White Lady, and was lucky to get a daughter after her!
This breed is so different than Afghans, soft and sweet and just don't want to be away from mummy. I had one litter of this breed. I keep the male out of this litter named Ch. Guldtackan's Rum Tom Tugger. Totally it was 4 of them who become champions.

This year I also had an Afghan litter, my B-litter, the male was Multi Champion Sirokko von Katwiga and my female was after the blue Dutch male Vakaba el Kharaman, witch I had the opportunity to handle in Sweden, Blåskägg  was the first smelling afghan I got in contact with!   Out of this litter become my first Champion. Her name was Bishtar a big black female                       The same year my first import arrived, an Afghan from USA. From kennel Zorro.
When I was 18 years old, I moved from home, with my 19 Afghans, 4 Greyhounds and one Rottweiler female named Anne (later she become multi champion and producer of top winning dogs.) Into a huge house, in the middle of the woods into nowhere of south Sweden. By now the breeding of the Afghans started. I was studding at the same time so the dog shows was not as much as they used to be, but frequently all the time.

1981 I had started my family, and my first son was born. At that time I went for studding for to get the promising to replay for me kennel name. It was like that at the old times back home in Sweden. I needed to pass throw the courses for anatomy, Breeding history (of the breed I was asking for breeding) Genetic, and finally dog keeping concerning the laws into the country'' When those where written, I had to wait some days to get the answers (how many fault it was!) then I got the answers at home if I passed the test or not, and it was just allowed to try to do this test some times. But I passed it the first time, and then I needed to replay for my kennel name. It was not at all like it is now, on my time, NOW any one can pay 200 Euro's to ask for a kennel name, with out ANY KIND of experiences, or exams or knowledge of what is the front and what is the back of a dog! Just as long as the Kennel club makes money out of it!
I had decided to go for AL SHAFIK, since the first afghan was named Shafik, and I wanted to have something for the breed. But one day I had a man knocking on my door. When I opened he said: Hay I'm selling safety boxes, so do you want to have a look at them? I answered him, sorry I'm not interested, I have a huge safety box already and don't need an other one or smaller. Then he was looking at me for some seconds, and replayed: don't you NEED an other one, you who have all those beautiful and expensive Afghans all over here???You have to get the Goldbarre all over in to the house?And HERE was the idea to my kennel name! GULDTACKAN in Swedish is Goldbarre/ Goldbrick!
1981 the first standard poodle arrived to us. He was black, big and a lot of loose skin all over! But he loved mummy and my little Joakim! I had at that time decided to start with Standards, since I liked them a lot and enjoyed the grooming and cutting.

1983 was the year my next son was born, Mikael. And later this year the first show poodle arrived to us, VIKINGLINE Sams son in spotlight. Half a year later the next poodle was found a daughter of my absolutely favourites: MOOVIOLAS VIKING LINE. He could talk!!!Yes, its true! Susanne Månsson, his owner said:  Vicke say ohh.  Some seconds later HE DID IT! Time after time he repeated it! But just when it was his mum how told him to!
1984 I was HAPPY to get divorced from my first husband! The same year I imported the first of totally 5 Afghans from France, from kennel Freedom. He went to a quarantine station north from Stockholm, and was not taken care of like he should be! And I couldn't do anything about this…here was the beginning to my plans to start up a quarantine of my selves. 3 months later this quarantine needed to be closed, but that didn't help my poorly treated afghan! So I began the whole work about to get permission to run a quarantine.
Guldtackan's Residence in Stävie, south Sweden.
The hole area is not on pic. Just the garden, home and Quarantine...
Guldtackan's Afghan Babies in red and Black and tan
Ch Guldtackan's Grizabella &
Ch Guldtackan's Rum Tom Tugger
Multi Champion Moviolas Vikingline
A bad pic of my first female, born 83. She was deep black, a lovely daughter to Moviolas Vikingline and a brown female line
VikingLine Sam's son in Spotlight
Ingrid with the frensh import Ranoir
Guldtackan's History2