Born 1993.04.14
Died 2005.07 28
This dog was something SO special for all of us, who knew him...
And this link will be the hardest link for me, Ingrid to put together. I loved this dog as much as it is possible to love a dog! We where blessed to have him healthy for all the years. He ended his life far too early, by an accident and it was the most hardest situation for all of us to go through.
Champion Guldtackan's Silver Illusion, as he was called by the friends STURE, was showed till the very end, and was WINNING till the very end. Colected new Champion titles, ended the titles we had started many years before. He was one of a kind....We lost him shortly after we moved to Germany, to the place in Kippenheim. Sture tryied to tell me signs all the time, this was the sign from him; Do not stay here, these humans are not good to us, and so it was.
No words are enough for this there for I will not tell you anything more.
Enjoy the pictures, and for these of you, who have been blessed with a child from Sture, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about....
Sture as youth dog, about 1 year old.
Sture in Austria, the first "real" victory.....well he was MultiChampion at the time, but...this was a Victory, Sture got the Title: EUROPA WINNER 99.
And it was Powerfull especially since we had travel quite far and showed a lot that year. Stures litter brother became World Champion in MEXICO the same year, just some weeks before!!
This picture is from the last show we had, for ever in Sweden.
Sture had a breeding group at this time for Mr Hanelius, and he become HP with very good critic and 2nd BIS after an black group, witch ofcourse is SO much more easy to breed, so we where happy for the 2nd placement. Even if its not often we get the 2nd.
Sture and me in the BIS ring in Germany. I was so proud of my darling as always...
Multi Champion Guldtackan's Silver Illusion, 11 years and 6 months old finishing his Croation Champion title.
This is  Sture....relaxing and resting, and then when it was time to show, then he gave it all....he never stop loving showing him self...
Sture, you broke my heart...will always miss you!

Here comes the Show results from this amazing dog:
International Champion,
Winner -99,
Winner -98.
Schweiz Veteran
Champion ,
Meilleure Veteran Winner Animalia '04
He even got 2 of the CAC in German Honour Champion class.
And 2 CAC from the German Veteran Class.

Guldtackan´s Silver Illusion.
Free Hips. Champion producer in the colors Silver, White and Blue.
Excellent mentality!
As you all can understand, he was something special.....THANK you to all of you who helped me with the succeses for this dog, Jasna Gale, Judges, kennelhelpes and many more!!