Here we will show you the rest of the colors, witch are not under the usually names.  
This is an Brown/Apricot Phantom resting.
It is the same color gene as Black and tan, but the coloring is different.
He came to us from USA.
This is Alex at 1 year old he is Red Phantom
Alex just born at the other picture
To the left here on this picture you can see the Harlekin Herr Morris and he's brother Hasler who clearly show the brindle in he's head, on the body he is black and white, but the black will change over to brindle as time goes.
just a baby...
This is the Darling; Rocking Y's Guldtackan's Mocka.
She is Apricot/Creme Phantom. And just a special friend!
This little boy, has grow up and is now a  stud male at kennel von der Kaiserburg.
He is Brown apricot Phantom.
We are very proud of him!
We received the first Multi colored Standard Poodles out of the D litter 2001. There we had phantom, Tri coloreds and domino. It was an amazing colorful litter!
Finally we are proud to present the outstanding Chinchilla colored Standard Poodle we have!
He has a very sweet mentality and is a great mover love everything about the life! We are so happy to have him, Thanks again Sandi for this sweetheart!
The full sister of him, she is brindle
This is Tosca, she has a great personality and is Cognac colored
This is 2 litter brothers, they are Phantom colored both.
They are getting lighter in the colors as time goes by
You can see very early on the pups if you are looking deep in the coat. On a solid colored, it is just one color, but on the Multi coloreds its different!