We started this company in may 1997 and have kept on to it since then. I have during 2009, found out that a new beginner has started her grooming company in my very same name for her company.....and this is not legal! So please do NOT mix me up with this new beginner!!!! The illegal SimSalaBim is located near Stockholm, Sweden, we are not.
Since I have been working with all breeds in the Guldtackan's Quarantine AB, during 12 years, I thought it would be nice to groom dogs outside this area and on other times.
So we took place at the same local as my son Joakim Gyllin had he's store for he's Dog products IMPORTANT.
During the latest years I have concentrated my self to do just Show Dogs! And I love it!
I have also keep courses, the last 10 years, into how to learn up new groomers. You are welcome to let me know about your interest to learn more about Grooming, Trimming and bathing dogs and cats, we have special courses for all different interests!  
The majority of the dogs you can see here, have ended up as Champions, after I started to be the Groomer of them, and I'm so proud of them all!
This dwarf loved and owned by Jasna Gale
named Ch.White Velvets Cyrano
Here is Mr Heilig together with Multi Champion Don Diego vom Figaro, to the left, is Mrs Heilig  giving her sweetheart a kiss!
This is Guldtackan's Stallion,black male, and the biggest challenge ever for me!
8 years old, shaved 2 times a year, the hole lifetime, and I groomed him for some days and got this result and 2 Champion titles on the same weekend at the  Bundes Sieger Show! Not bad!?
An other dog who is my proudness is Little, so many fun memories we have had together with Littles "Mum and Dad"
This show was amazing! ALL the standards and 3 of the dwarfs was my Grooming Angels, ALL of the dogs received CAC's and the Dogs who could get BOB, and BOS was of course my Grooming Angels!
Can I say: I'm too good!?
In top of that, it is like this; If the dogs on the picture, was not breed by Guldtackan's they where 50% Guldtackan's!!!!
It is not just the experiences of taking care of tangles I have, I also know how to cord the coat.
Do YOU want to learn this? Get in contact with me!
Here we have toy and dwarf Grooming Angels
Divine's Devil Girl of White Velvet Dreams
Mozaik in top for be able to look
Multi Champion Guldtackan's Silver Illusion just dry
RockingY's Guldtackan's Mocka in Modeshur, she is brown/apricot Phantom
This is Roberts Black and tan Love in Karakul clip
Multichampion Guldtackan's Ullrik in Baby Lion
The Continental clip is my strongest clip
This is how he came out after the first clip, ever...
On the pictures below, you see Stallion just bathed, tangle FREE standing with he's back to the left at the left picture and with the head to the left at next picture...
This wonderful male is Kit-Sue's Dexter, the first parti STANDARD Poodle who got BIS in Germany!!
It was the experienced Mr. Machetanz that gave us this victory! Thanks a lot!
I was the handler to him, but he is not groomed by me!!
An other of my Grooming Angels
This lovely little silver female we showed in Tulln Bundes Siegershow, she received Best junior Winner, Thanks a lot to the judge Mr Rottner!