We got the amazing Walther to the family in August 1999. He was hatched in July, and hes father was very protecting, so the breeder could not get close to him and put the ring around Walthers foot. And at that time, the Amazons were not on the Cites list, so it did not matter.
Walther has from this day in august, filled the days for us with joy and love in the way just Walther can do.

The first time we left Walther, was for a weekend, we was going for the wedding in Spain, and my sisters son was getting married. And at this time my working college Martin, was baby sitting at home. Martin was bored and talked a lot with Walther, and when we got home, Walther was talking! Laughing, and on this way it all started.
Everyone who has been at home of us knows that Walther is a good talker today. He talks all kind of languages, and he answer very nicely.
Like if I say; imitate a witch, he goes on with Ute Webers voice, exactly like this horrible person is in my crate. Amazing to listen to and to get to learn.
Walther is one of the kind!
Here at the links above you can see more about the breed, you can learn about to train the bird.
It is very important to treat this bird like a family member. Give him/her attention, exercising, real and proper food, a lot of toys, and daily activitys.
Of course should the day start for your bird with a good breakfast! And let him/her have all kind of fruits he/she should had got in the freedom.
An other important way to keep the bird, is to always give him the freedom. The crate is just a placement for the bird, to protect him from danger, not to be hurt. And to sleep. But for the rest, the bird, has to be with you, has to feel free and joy in the life! You will not get a happy bird otherwise.
Of course the birds needs toys. And new toys. And they are getting bored at the toys, so you need to get new once for them. You have to find out what kind of toys your friend likes most, the noisy once, the soft once, the easy killed once….you will soon find out!
We have had some great years together with the birds!
It started with a red Ara and very soon after him we got the Hyacinth Ara. She was really Powerful! But not a lot for petting and the pet life. So she became a breeding bird. She moved from us 1981 when my first son was a baby and she had difficulties with him.
Then we have had the Greys as well. And of course the small little Cockie!!
My little Cockie, the Brownheadparrot. He is the most little sweet bird, he behave like he is a Dobberman! He guards me all over, and protect me as far he can, but he is the sweetest soul ever.

We have selected some links here, that we have found very interesting. Hope you find some interest of them as well!
Walther together with his partner Svensson.
This is Sylvester, we rescued him from a home, and he went to good friends of us. A Grey Jacko
Sylvester was living in a far too small crate, as we meet him. My heart broke for this little gay...and home with us he came. He got more confidinece all the time,  a lovely little boy!
Here is Payton together with little Sputnick, the Pionus Parrot
Peyton is here with the Sweet Cockie. Cockie is the Brown Head Parrot you will see more about at the next page.
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