After been grown up with and living with, this very special breed, I can not deny that it has put a stamp on my life...30 years together with the Afghans, who are more wild than the wild animals in the nature, the demands they have on humans, and the very special characters. But I would never change my past life with them! I have enjoyed every day together with them, and will always keep them close to my heart!
The black female is Guldtackans Elisabeth Tyler (She was excellent on obedience)and the Black and Tan male is Guldtackan's James Dean
From the Ex litter is Guldtackan's Express and then Guldtackan's Extra
11 Guldtackor at once, the year is 1986.
Something we found out very early, is that this breed do need a big run. They can not, and shall not be let free, they are too wild to get back, they will just take off and examinant the area. So to keep this breed in harmony they need to run, hunt and play during the hole lifetime, behind fens!
Jazco and Jervan el Kharam from Holland in the quarantine, of us.
My proudness Guldtackan's Khattöga.
Guldtackan's Rubhin and little Olivia
Padischah von Katwiga with parents
Here is Mrs Rödde at Kennel Von Katwiga, Germany.
The time has to be late 70th or early 80th.With some of her outstanding Afghans!
Famask von der Irminsul. He was living in Sweden at my friend Kerstin Danielsson-Aplund.
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