This stunning male is KitSue'N Guldtackan's Stallion
We have him in cords since 2006, and he looks just fantastic!
We proudly present some of the children out of this amazing male, in different ages and litters
This is our lovely and so sweet little Persia, she came to us from USA. We have kept one of her daughters here by us, and she is Roberts joy in the life!
Robert proudly showing he's beloved black and tan female as Junior Handler!
The Black and tan's are the proudness of Guldtackan's!
This is a color witch is very difficult to breed, and to get to stay deep in the coloring!
We have had the B/T gene all the time in Guldtackans Silver/white genes, so as we have been this lucky, it was not so difficult to pick the gene up for us. The 2 American boys we got from dear Sue and Sandi, have helped us a lot to improve the line we began with.
The tan is more clear, the coat is EXCELLENT and the temperaments are just amazing.....and I think that the kennel Funny Fellow (Germany)can agree with me, as she has been privileged to use one of my males during 2007 !