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GULDTACKAN'S Standard Poodles

Registrated FCI kennel since 1981
We are breeding Standards in the colors Black, White, Brown, Silver, Blue, Harlequin and Multi color.

Now is time for Guldtackan's to proudly present the new MULTI colored Standard Poodles in Europe!
Guldtackan's first litter of Multi colored Standard Poodles was borned in 2001. We are lucky to got help from
Sandi K. Savedra in Florida, with complete the breeding stock with for us new, also healthy blood.
Guldtackan's Kennel was re introducing the Standard silvers in Scandinavia during 1992. Guldtackan's are still top winning dogs in this color!
The first Parti / Harlequin Standard Poodle we have got already in 1996. We are proud to say that we frequently breed them as well!
For more informations, please contact us!
Ingrid and Cor Mariën,
Postbuss 44,
5530 AA Bladel, Holland tele +31 497 68 11 75 Homepage;
WE will here place the ad we wanted to have in ONE of the biggest Poodle Magasine from Sweden, BUT THEY REFUSED US TO HAVE THIS PICTURE AND WE WHERE NOT ALLOWED TO AD ABOUT THIS BEATUTIFUL COLOR AT ALL! I will remind all wriders to know that Sweden is still a free country witch maybe the australian "editor" dont know anything about... We will be happy for getting YOUR opinion about this, next time he tell someone that this breeder in not welcome to advertice , maybe is YOU? Since the reason to refuse uer ad, was : "we did receive your ad material along with photo of a poodle of your kennel which is not a recogniced colour by any excisting poodle breed standard in the world. As responsible and serious publishers of the Scandinvian Poodle Magazine we thus do not think our magazine is the right forum for your ad. If you reconsider we are open for you to advertise your silvers or any other colour which is approved by any of the breed standards in the world. As a compromise, we agree to let you mention about your interest in non approved colours in your ad." So folks WHAT DO YOU THINK???Will you soppurt this lousy "editor" with ads for his magazine??? Since he want to have the demand over the breeders who are behind the notsolid colors of the poodles today, and as you all know, those are the old and VERY well reputated kennels and breeders!!And most of them are STILL breeding today!