A Fairy tale:

The wonderful dog Tyson and the Cruella Deville

Cruella Deville does not collect dogs to make coats from their fur to wear in the winter. OH NO! She collect black and white spotted poodles to breed them, as often as possible and under terrible conditions. To cover up her cruel actions, she has changed her kennel name several times! But...She cannot hide from us...We recognize her, With or without the spotted coat.

Sadly this is a true tale, even though I have used some names from Walt Disney's world of fantasy.

It all started this year on my birthday, the 12th of may. Early in the morning in this special day for me, we packed our family into the car and drove from Holland to Germany to rescue a poor Standard Poodle at the home of a woman called "Cruella Deville."  We also needed to collect money she still owed the same breeder for another Poodle. The dog we were going to rescue is called Kitsu's Black Ty Affair                 Kitsue Poodles        

The Cruella Deville called this Poodle Myti. Now Myti had never been paid for by Mrs.Deville because she said she simply had no money. So I told my dear friend,  the breeder of this dog: "I'll go and get him for you! And while I am there I will get the money she owes you for your other Poodle."

As we entered the Cruella Deville's home, Myti looked out into the hallway and upon seeing us, he quickly jumped over a gate  into the living room totally scared out of his wits. Mrs.Deville said: "That dog he has a bad temper. He doesn't like anyone. Just me but no one else." Mrs.Deville then handed me his papers from America: the rabies vaccine, the AKC forms to fill in for the pedigree and a certificate showing that his eyes tested free for PRA

I told Mrs.Deville that she had to pay for the other Poodle she had gotten from Myti's breeder. Mrs.Deville told me she owed my friend 700 dollars and would give me       500 euro's. I explained to her that she needed to give me at least 550 euro's for the
700 dollars. I had no clue that it was not 700 dollar that she owed . The correct amount that she had not yet paid to the breeder was actually 800 dollars.

Mrs.Deville twice asked me if I was going to take Myti with me to give him back to the breeder when I went to visit her in America in July. And both times I said "yes" My answer seemed to please her and I believe this is the only reason that Mrs. Deville agreed to let Myti go with me. Mrs.Deville told me: "I would not want to keep him anyway because he has a horrible temperament and his hips are very bad."

While waiting for her to give me the money she owed for the other dog and talking about Myti's return to the breeder in America, I looked around the room . There were dogs all over ! I could see several dogs under the sofa, barking and growling as scared could be. The sound of unhappy dogs emanated from all directions in her house!! "Such poor dogs" I thought.It is not normal for dogs to live like this. I felt very sad about the conditions of the poor dogs but, at least , I was saving one!

My business with her finished, I hurried to leave that horrible place with Myti.Poor Myti! During our trip back to Holland he was absolutly terrified in the car. He would not come near to me. I thought : "he hates me." all the way home, Myti pressed as close as possible to my husband. But when we arrived home, to my surprise, he immediately made friends with all our dogs without any problem.

In the days that followed, Myti continued to act very distrustfull of me and only wanted to stay close to my husband and 24-year old son. He was not only very suspicious of me but also of my 10-year old son Robert, It took a week until he began to trust Robert. Then finally, after about ten days, he came and cuddled with me just like he had observed Persia doing. Since that day he has trusted me! But it took some time for him to realize that his life has changed and he no longer had anything to fear. I dont blame him for his distrust of me since he had such a bad experience with the woman Mrs.Deville.

Since Mrs.Deville had not send in the papers to register Myti with the AKC, I immediately filled out the papers and sended them to the AKC when we got back in Holland. I received the pedigree for Myti from the AKC in late may. The certificate is dated 19th of may 2005. Yoy can see a copy of it here(pedigree)  on this page.  The document clearly shows the date of May 19th

A couple of weeks after we got Myti home , we took him to the Austrian European show.Now Cruella Deville knew that Myti was not in America. He was with us! She was Furious: "Grrrrrrrr."  She was determined to punish us and began her campaign to tell the world how terrible Myti was and how irresponsible we were to show such an awfull Poodle. She claimed that this Poodle's hips has been certified as grade D. Her fury grew even greater when she found out from Myti's breeder that I had Myti's hips x-rayed and that they were perfect.  His x-ray results are dated the 4th of June 2005

In her anger after finding out about Myti,Cruella Deville wrote on her website, yes ,she has a website, that Myti has defective hips and that this poor quality Poodle is staying in Germany. She warned everyone that he absolutely should not be used in breeding.

Now the mystery. What dog did Cruella Deville use for the x-ray witch showed a grade of D for the hips?
God knows what dog that could have been since she did not have the papers for Myti! Everyone I have asked ,has told me the same thing: "IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GET A DOG CERTIFIED WITH THE RESULTS IF YOU DONT HAVE THE PAPERS ON HIM." And, this rule is recognized everywhere including the VDH (German Kennel Club)
How then is it possible that Mrs.Deville has a certificate showing that Myti was x-rayed the 10th of May and that this document was signed by the veterinarian on the 18th of May when we brought him home on the 14th of May?
Maybe only Cruella Deville can unlock the mystery of how such an unlikely and bizarre thing could happen.

This is the sad but true story about this wonderful Poodle. But like all good fairy tales, there is a happy ending.

Rescued from the Deville lady,  he is today the most remarkable Poodle to work with in obedience. And,my friends in Slovenia at the Mondioring club are greatly impressed by his wonderful temperament. Mondioring club Cibyra Minor

The secret of Myti's transformation is that we changed his name. He had to many bad memories attached to the name Myti. So today he is TYSON, a very happy Tyson!
He loves children and is eager to be around people and absolutely adores being hugged by everyone. Today he is a very confident boy and this is what probably saved him from Cruella Deville. If he did not possess such a sweet and stable temperament. he would have been destroyed by her meanness.

So folks ,this is all you get for this penny!

Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful boy and we will keep you informed about his results on the obedience and let you know when we have finished his tests for the BH education.

To be continued.......

We promise to show pictures in the future of his puppies.

Thank for your time, and keep on loving your dogs, even if they are not spotted Poodles!

Ingrid  Mariën
All text as well as photos are copy rite protected. Owner: Ingrid Marien 2005