Here we will give you as much of the information about this amazing color of the Poodles. I want to remind you, that we are breeding Standard Poodles and this is just what we are referring to here!
Black is prevailing and will be interrupt from tan in a symmetric easily flowing drawing. Preferably at the brows, at the seam of the ear, at the beard and at the cheeks, both side chest mirror, all four legs and the anus.
A black strip at the backs or black exteriors at the legs are allowed but not to support.
Colour relationship: preferable: 80 % black 20% tan
First we start with the Black and tan Standard written by Mrs. Eckerstein.
This is an very easy explanation about how the black and tans should look like! As new born you see this as well, IF they are black and tans, its just to look after the tan brows and the light tan at "the Diamond" the rest of the tan coloring will often comes later on!
It has happened me I had got a new litter, who have looked very back, after 12-14 days the brows and diamond has showed up like a nice surprise!
Here you can see a pup in the age of 3 weeks, 1 week and just new born
You need to have the Black and tan gene behind both parents to get this color in the expected litter! But as we all know, who have been breeding a while, that the genes are going far back and connect to each others, and most breeders "forgett" that the stud male or breeding female has siblings witch carrying there genes...
The 2 books I recommend to learn more about color breeding is the "blue book" and holy bible for dog breeders: The Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs, by Clarence C. Little. This is just a need to have at home! Its easy to learn out of and to get to understand!
An other, also "blue book" and a "treasure/ must to have" is the Genetics of the Dog. By Malcolm B.Willis.
Both of those books are to very big help in the breeding program for all breeders and every one I have recommended them for, have been so happy for the help they got out of the studies.  

One friend said like this: But they are in will take me a year to read that book! And i replayed; Ines its better it takes one year to learn about the breeding, than you are going through the rest of your life with out this knowledge!
Don't you agree with me?
This is Roberts own Darling, she is the light in the life of my son!
At my logo here I have made the tan coloring as they shall be on a Black and tan, after Mrs.Eckerstein's standard.
You can of course also see the Phantoms in other colors like Brown/apricot, Silver/white, Red/cream, black/white or grey, but they are NOT Black and tan! Its the SAME gene but not the same color!! Black and tan, is what it say; Black and tan!
At this picture we show you Persia, as 3 years old, she was very good colored as a pup but has faded out during the years. Next to her is the amazing little Chines Crested Bibi.
Here are some lovely Black and tan boys at the age of 7 weeks old
We wanted to publish an article here about multicolored poodles, from one of the Magazines from Germany. But unfortunately the author of this magazine had a lot of strange excuses so we decided to let it be...This is so sad, to not understand if we cooperate, we get to learn from another! But as I use to say, The stripes will never go off the Zebra!
And by this, I would like to say, IF some one is "sitting on" information that could be useful for others to learn about. Please get in contact with us, and we will be happy to put it here.
For all of you that has not been with us with from the beginning, the interest of Harlekins and Black and tans as well the rest of the Multicolored Poodles, I want to inform you about the Internet Magazine GAZETTE. If you are going to the link below, you can see some of the old numbers, with a lot of information. Not just pictures of lovely colored Poodles, but also a lot of Health info and education information!!